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The $100,000 Holy Moly Wedding Package

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Price: $100,000

The Holy Moly Wedding Package Includes:

  • Custom Private Marriage Can Be Murder show
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Witness
  • Minister Fee
  • Music 
  • Bouquet Rental
  • Boutonniere Rental
  • Digital Invitations
  • Live Stream of Wedding 
  • Souvenir photos (25 total)
  • Souvenir t-shirts
  • Transportation Hearse
  • Guest Show Tickets 
  • Toast to Bride and Groom During Show
  • Open Bar (3 Hours)
  • Cake + Topper 
  • Wedding Gown & Tux Rental
  • Wedding Ring Bands by Michael E. Minden
  • Wedding Party Souvenir – Knife Sharpeners
  • Custom VooDoo Dolls
  • Fuzzy Handcuffs
  • Wedding Party Name Tags
  • Hotel Suite at The Orleans (Based on Availability)
  • 19 Crimes Red Blend Wine – Case
  • Holy Moly Matrimony Matching Tattoos
  • 2 Lifetime Memberships to The Shooting Range
  • Cooking classes from the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas
  • Lifetime Supply of Earplugs
  • Snoring Strips
  • Magic 8 Ball for Important Decisions
  • Amazon Alexa device with built-in anniversary reminders
  • Apology Flowers 1-Year Subscription
  • Year Supply of Aspirin
  • Boxing Ring with His & Hers gloves (Shipped)
  • Ball and Chain Souvenier (Shipped)
  • Life Insurance Consultation (Agent of Our Choosing)
  • Cemetary Plot His & Hers (Resting Place TBD)
  • Last Will & Testament Legal Consultation (Firm of Our Choosing)
  • Bail Bondsman – Free Get Out Of Jail Free Card
  • Doghouse X-Large (Shipped)
  • New Car from Subaru of Las Vegas
  • Free Vow Renewal

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