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A Killer Combo: Dinner & a Show (The History of Dinner Theater

Who doesn’t love a delicious meal with a side of entertainment? It’s a match made in heaven, or… maybe murder? Dinner theater has a history as long and twisty as one of our plots, full of intrigue, surprises, and, of course, plenty of delicious food.

Dinner Theater: More Than Meets the Eye

Ever wondered what exactly dinner theater is? Imagine this: you’re savoring a mouthwatering meal while a captivating performance unfolds around you. Whether it’s a hilarious comedy, a suspenseful murder mystery (our specialty!), or an interactive show that pulls you into the action, dinner theater is an experience that tantalizes all your senses. Unlike your average night at the theater, dinner theater invites you to participate, cheer, boo, and maybe even solve a crime or two!

From Medieval Feasts to Modern Mysteries

Believe it or not, dinner theater isn’t a new fad. Its roots trace back to the Middle Ages, where Europeans celebrated the twelve days of Christmas with lavish feasts and theatrical performances – talk about a holiday party! Even the Bard himself, Shakespeare, got in on the action, with his plays performed in taverns and inns for patrons enjoying food and drink.

In the US, dinner theater found its footing in the late 1940s when Tony DeSantis began staging plays next to his restaurant in Illinois. His success led to the creation of the Drury Lane Theater, a pioneer in the dinner theater scene. Soon after, Howard Wolf, dubbed the “Father of Dinner Theater,” opened a chain of rustic-themed dinner theaters called “The Barn,” where big names like Robert DeNiro and Mickey Rooney graced the stage.

Dinner theater reached its peak in the 1970s, with over 150 professional theaters across the country. Hollywood stars flocked to the stage, adding even more glitz and glamour to the experience. But like any good mystery, there was a twist: the mid-80s saw a decline in popularity, with many theaters closing their doors.

But don’t worry, the story doesn’t end there! Dinner theater has made a killer comeback in recent years, with new venues popping up and audiences eager for interactive experiences.

Dinner Theater in Las Vegas: A Match Made in Murder

Las Vegas is known for its dazzling shows, and dinner theater is no exception. And if you’re looking for a night of mystery, intrigue, and side-splitting laughter, look no further than Marriage Can Be Murder!

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